Co Ownership Program


To ensure our dogs in our breeding program live their lives to the fullest, there is only so much room here in our particular home.  With or four in-house working German Shepherds, it is a full time job.  With that being said, we strive to continue to grow our program through adding more dogs. This is where you can come in..

Adult Dog Co Ownership


The goal of this program is to place titled, breeding quality females in homes where they will be loved, continue to be worked (or at least maintained with some sort of job), and come back to Vogelhaus for breeding no more than once a year.  The dogs become active family members wherever they are placed, and are signed over 100% ownership to their family after their breeding contract is fulfilled.  Vogelhaus German shepherds will pay for the female, and will have her spayed prior to full ownership being signed over. There is a lengthy contract involved and an interview process for interested parties.   Dogs in this program will be no older than 3 years old, will have all their health clearances, and come from European lineage.

Puppy Co Ownership


The goal of this program is to place our pick puppies in homes where they will be utilized to their utmost potential. Vogelhaus woud prefer to send their "pick puppies" to homes who plan to title these dogs in some sort of venue (agility, obedience, scentwork, etc) and use them in the future of their breeding program.  Contract beyond typical puppy contract is in place for these specific puppies. Upon contract fulfillment, 100 percent ownership is signed over to the co owner and dog is spayed or neutered.