I will be the first to admit, its hard knowing what is the right thing for our dogs all the time.  There is so much bad information on the internet, that sadly this information can have a large impact on the general population of dog owners. As a woman of the veterinary industry since 2005, I will do my best here to provide you with FACT BASED information. The intent is to help you make, what you feel, is the best decision for you and your dog and your lifestyle.  Topics covered will include: vaccinations, nutrition, spaying and neutering, flea and tick products and many more.

Critical Periods in Puppy Developement

Early neutering poses health risks for GSDs:

Why "repellency" is not the way to go for flea and tick prevention anymore:

Does your flea and tick product kill ticks fast enough?

What is your dog exposed to on a regular basis according to their social life?

Why grain-free diets may not be the answer