It all started with two dogs and a dream


Officer Dakota BTPD

For as long as I can remember my career in veterinary medicine, Dakota was a part of it.  He spent a majority of his life chasing the bad guys and keeping my local town free of narcotics. He spent the rest of his time being his handler's, who became like a second dad to me, best friend and shoulder to lean on.  Dakota didnt always love the vet, but I always loved him. He would growl for his nails, get mad about x-rays, and certainly was not a fan of getting his temperature taken. Dakota was stoic and loyal to the end of both his career and his life, and I will never forget him.



Oh Sarge, the most beautiful soul.  Sarge appeared in my life with a rescue organization through emergency one day while I was working.  He was nearly 100% paralyzed in his hind end and had explosive diarrhea.  Well naturally, he ended up at my house for some "Vogelhaus ICU care" overnight.  Sarge and I quickly developed a bond.  A close friend of mine and myself gathered funds to have many diagnostics done to see if we could "fix" his hind-end issue, only to find out he had two mutated DM genes.  Sarge lived his life out with that friend of mine until his DM got so bad it was starting to affect his front end. Not once did he complain, give-up, or stop playing soccer. 


The Vogelhaus Goal

In over ten years experience in the veterinary industry, both general practice and emergency and critical care medicine I have seen a lot.  My love for shepherds grew as time went on, specifically working dogs.  I worked closely with police and sport dogs on a regular basis and was fascinated by them. With this, I also saw the negatives of thoughtless breeding, both in GSD structure and their minds.  I saw people being handed dogs they had no business owning, and other people who did all the research and ended up with the polar opposite of what they were told the dog would be.  My goal is simple. to provide my clients with German Shepherds who can be active family members, teammates, best friends. Dogs who are stable not only in structure and soundness but in their mind. My goal is to partner with my clients on ensuring that they receive the best fit puppy for their goals, and to maintain a life long relationship helping them wherever they may need. I do not mass produce puppies here, each one of these dogs are my kid first, my teammate second and breeding dogs last.  Females will not be bred more than 3 times, everyone has health clearances, everyone is a member of the family. My only hope is that when my clients join the Vogelhaus family, they receive what they think is the best companion they have ever had.

-Jamie Vogel

Owner Vogelhaus German Shepherds