"Mayhem" at 6 months old

The Marsden Family "Mayhem" and "Maiya" out of our "A" and "B"

I would just like to take a minute and thank Jamie and Vogelhaus for what they do.   When I lost my GSD last year I was pretty devastated. He had been my partner on patrol as a police K9 for 7.5 years before retiring and enjoying his home life. He had been my first official working dog and was a Czech Shepherd. I had been contemplating doing the K9 program again and began looking for a breeder.   I found Vogelhaus and saw the dogs, read Jamie’s bio and observed that not only was she breeding her dogs, but also working them. I also noticed that her limited litters that were upcoming were unfortunately sold out. I contacted Jamie with the hopes she could direct me to a breeder(s) she would recommend as I understood her litters would be unavailable for some time.  Jamie and I had a wonderful conversation where I felt even more secure in her and her program and hopefully she felt comfortable with me as a prospective purchaser. I told her exactly what I was looking for as far as temperament, confidence, intelligence, athleticism etc. She asked me to wait a bit as she had “some things in the fire”.    Jamie contacted me shortly thereafter and said she was receiving a Czech female who was already pregnant and sent me links to the parents (Frida). She said I could have a male out of that litter if one met the criteria.    The pups were born and about 5.5 weeks later Jamie said Alphonse was the one. Trusting Jamie, we came down and picked up Alphonse 2.5 weeks later. He was a very serious confident pup unfazed by anything. As a side benefit he was also stunning in appearance, which means nothing for a working dog but it’s a nice bonus!    In the following 4 months Alphonse, now Mayhem has been maturing better than I could’ve ever hoped. He’s a very confident, stable and intelligent dog. He’s also very HEALTHY. He is cautious when exposed to new things but rarely if ever scared and works through (with me) any unknowns. He has a great drive and is, as importantly, very eager to please and accomplish tasks. He has a great nose too. All the building blocks to grow into an exceptional Police K9.    Thank you Jamie and Vogelhaus for doing what you do, and in the manner in which you do it. She is always there for support and following Mr. Mayhems progress. You don’t just get a GSD from Vogelhaus, you are brought into a very close community.  If there’s any doubt left as to the validity of the above, I’m writing this en-route to pick up a second puppy from Vogelhaus for my mother as a companion/protector from the co-partnership with On Point K9, the Gaya litter.    

-The Marsden family.